Voices from participants

”Exploring ropes together in a small advanced group led by Bergborg was an experience both liberating, joyful and challenging. The repertoir of exercises and the monitored time-slots for self-reflection and intimate conversations provided a space in which my own expression was allowed to evolve in multiple directions. Especially the systematic reflection about my own practice and the sharing with others during an extended period (five weeks) put many things into motion, and made it possible for me to shake off some stiffness both in my way of thinking and in my practice. Having access to an overwhelmingly rich kinbaku-library in the process was a real treat. Rope-studies with Bergborg is an open and challenging experience. He undogmatically offers lots of material for anyone, irrespective of which sides of the rope you are on.” Hedwig   www.senseshibari.com

”I immediatley knew that rope was for me. Rope-play presented itself as something intuitive and all-encompassing. Overwhelming. From there, it has been a journey of discovery and a slowly but steadily growing understanding of my own insisting curiosity. I have felt my way through inner resistances, hinderances and akwardness. Along this path of self-understanding, Bergborg has been an essential companion: someone I could trust, always knowing that what I brought would be met with respect. His style of teaching and guiding has allowed my playfulness to flow in just the ways I need in order to connect to what is most beautiful in me.  You are a bridge for me Bergborg – the roots of what you teach are so deep in yourself. You share in a way that I have the utmost respect for, and you make me feel at ease – allowing me to be both absolutely innocent and deeply perverted.   You ‘carry’ me. The feeling of being your student is for me a feeling of ‘becoming’ what I really have been all along. Thank you!” – Asynja

”To me rope is a tool for communicating, conveying feelings and sharing experiences with my partner and, from time to time, an audience. Kinbaku is like dancing in that practitioners can express so many different feelings and intentions with a relatively limited toolbox: Be it playful or serious, hard or soft, loving or aggressive, platonic or sexual, or whatever one wishes for. And just like with dancing it becomes easier to express feelings and intentions if the technique is in your bones. At the same time it takes a lot of practice to get to that level, and to get there without getting bored (and, more important, without your partner getting bored), it is essential to have a good teacher, guide and mentor. Bergborg is just that – not only technically proficient with an immense body of knowledge about Kinbaku, its history and various styles, but perhaps more importantly a good teacher, good coach and an inspirational practitioner. His workshops are varied and dynamic, well adapted to participants’ skill levels and generally very welcoming and rewarding. In addition Bergborg is also super friendly, humble and helpful which makes me never hesitate to recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to develop their rope skills.” – KawayamaTen

”Bergborg is a respectful, empathic and listening teacher carrying loads of knowledge. I was given the opportunity to articulate my wishes about the content of the private-lessons, and have beyond that also gotten new perspectives that have widened my understanding of what Kinbaku can be. Rope-history, specific ties, and differences in style between different rope-masters is all on the menu. But for me, the main takeaway was something that is hard to put into words: the movement, the relation, the feelings and the dynamic between me and the person I am tying. I have also developed a stronger consciousness about my intentions when I tie. Something I appreciate very much, and that separates Bergborg from other rope-teachers I have encountered, is that the person being tied is so clearly addressed during the lessons, and that their thoughts and experiences are so attentively listened to. I can only give my warmest recomendations to anyone who wants to take private lessons from Bergborg in order to go deeper into their relation to rope-play. Explosively inspirational!” – Tensionwhore

”Bergborg has an obvious interest for the historical roots of Kinbaku, and an ability to share both anecdotes and practical details that can really make a difference for your tying. He has thoroughly worked through the material he presents, keeps a high technical level throughout, but is at the same time humble, emapathic and flexible in his approach. Here, you also get a chance to experiment with and get feedback on your own ideas and personal style.” PrincS 

”To be cared for. To be seen as an asset. To be included in all of my aspects. This is my experience from Bergborg’s private lessons. And through this, I have learned both more and differently than in any other context.” knoppan

”I went with my partner for lessons with Bergborg, and had expected a mainly passive role, as often is the case in workshops focussing only on the rigger. I was surprised and happy when I realized that the exercises demanded active participation on my part – and that my reflections were given just as much space as my tying partner’s. To feel seen, involved and included in lessons that I initially approached as coming to ‘only’ as a bottom was a very good experience for me.”Lais